Mönch von Salzburg

Anne Suse Enßle der Mönch von Salzburg

“Mönch von Salzburg“ – A performance of his complete œuvre

Since 2014, Duo Enßle-Lamprecht have devised a large-scale project relating to the works of the 14th-century minstrel “Mönch von Salzburg“. His legacy includes a plethora of melodies and texts that are occasionally still heard today. His records, for example, contain a Middle High German version of the Christmas song “Joseph Dearest, Joseph Mine“.

In a large-scale concert series, Duo Enßle-Lamprecht aims to perform his œuvre arranged in a thematic way and make them heard on the concert stage today.

Among other things, what is special about this project is that for every concert program, we commission a piece by a contemporary composer comments on the the medieval (musical) language.

Composers who have contributed to this project so far (as of October 2019):

Bruno Strobl, Hossam Mahmoud, Herbert Grassl, Kurt Enßle, Hannes Kerschbaumer, Tanja Brüggemann, Marcello Fera, Tobias Schick, Alexander Kaiser, Annette Schlünz, Josef Ramsauer, Frederik Neyrinck, ka’mi, Peter Jakober und Matthias Leboucher.

(current status 2021)

A preview of the concert programme “The Monk and the Contessa“ and “Des Munichz Passion” can be found here

Cordula Stepp / voice
Philipp Lamprecht / voice, hurdy-gurdy, medieval percussion instruments
Susanne Ansorg / medieval string instruments
Anne-Suse Enßle / recorders and medieval harp

Further information can be found at www.enssle-lamprecht.com