Welcome to the website of recorder player Anne-Suse Enßle

I am delighted that you are interested in my work. I’d like to invite you to browse this website, find more information on various aspects of my artistic work, and immerse yourself in the fascinating soundscapes of different recorders.

While the recorder always taking second billing to other instruments for a long time, it has reclaimed its rightful place on concert stages in recent decades. It is a highly versatile instrument, its field of application ranging from music from the Middle Ages to contemporary compositions. This great variety has been a source of inspiration for me over the past decades that I have devoted to playing this instrument. The manifold facets of this instruments motivate me to understand, get to know and play this instrument even better.

Combining diverse musical genres and stylistic eras into sophisticated and appealing programmes, researching musical and historical contexts for the compositions, but also creating arrangements, improvising, and experimenting are other building blocks of my creative engagement with this fascinating instrument.

Anne-Suse Enßle studied recorder at University Mozarteum Salzburg (Prof. Dorothee Oberlinger) and at the University of Music and Performative Arts Vienna (Prof. Carsten Eckert). Apart from having gained experience in university teaching in this field (e.g. in her role as a teaching assistant in Prof. Eckert’s recorder class), she is an avid solist and member of a variety of ensembles dedicated to early and contemporary music. Some of the focal points of her work involve collaborations with composers, developing novel concert formats, working with and for young audiences, and interdisciplinary projects.