Nicodemus Passion – a medieval adaptation

The fascinating and elusive figure of the Monk of Salzburg, whose actual name we will probably never know, has been enriched by a further work. A Passion setting that can be linked to the apocryphal Gospel of Nicodemus and which the Enssle-Lamprecht duo sensually and poetically brings to life with their incomparable virtuosity and an astonishing arsenal of medieval instruments.

CD-Production „Whispers of Tradition“ (Max Volbers)

It was a great pleasure and honour for me to participate in Max Volbers' debut CD and to contribute a small part with Consort and Baroque bassoon to this project, which is nothing less than a comprehensive homage to the recorder. All information about the project can be found HERE 

„The anonymous lover“

After years of dealing with the anonymous figure of the "Monk of Salzburg", we are very pleased to present a CD which unites the most beautiful love songs of this "Monk". In addition to a hand-picked instrumentation that reflects the diversity of medieval sounds, we would like to emphasize above all the high proportion of arrangement, improvisation of the musical material, which – in our opinion – opens up a new approach to this music.

In this production we literally follow the "monk", who coined the term "singing over" in the sense of "singing along" one or more voices to a given melody. Thus, the present recording contains, among other things, polyphonic arrangements of monophonically preserved melodies as well as instrumental movements derived from this material.

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CD- „The anonymous lover“ Duo Enßle-Lamprecht


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CD-Project Caffe⸗Hauß Zimmermann

A long-cherished dream has come true: in February this year, in collaboration with harpsichordist Reinhard Führer, recordings were made around the historical “Caffe⸗Hauß Zimmermann” in Leipzig – a very special project, which is characterized above all by many of our own arrangements and compilations and therefore plays a very special role in our artistic work in the field of early music.

In September 2019 the CD will be released on the label “Audax Records”, some concert dates 2019/2020 are already fixed, to which we cordially invite you.

Pre-order is possible now!
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