Fascination of Symmetry – Between categories

Anne-Suse Enßle, recorders
Robert Selinger, harpsichord

With this programme, I won the renowned MOECK/SRP Competition in Greenwich/London in 2013. I was delighted that the jury and the audience found my idea convincing. The experimental elements, transgressing common notions of form, in this programme are a particularly interesting field for me. It invites us to immerse ourselves in such a concert with newly opened ears and question existing and habitual patterns of hearing, as well as the need to sort music into individual categories.
In addition, the recorder in all its facets is presented in “Fascination of Symmetry” – the programme can therefore also be seen as an homage to this fascinating instrument.
The programme comprises works by L. Berio., H. Schmelzer, G.Ph. Telemann, G. Netti, J.M. Leclair, A.P.Mealli, and F. Romitelli.